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Pre-Purchase Completed Residential Building Inspections – Non-Invasive

Inspection for the Purchaser of a Residential Property in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1.

2 to 3 hours on-site for the inspection.  Written report provided within 48 hours with 30 minutes of post-inspection telephone support to discuss highlighted aspects of the report with the Inspector.

Included in inspection – Thermal Imaging and Moisture Detection.

A highly qualified Pest Inspector can be recommended and co-ordinated as required to enable inspection to be undertaken simultaneously.

Pre-Sale Consultation and Advice

Visual inspection for the owner of the property looking to sell to identify major, minor and superficial defects or issues that may be noted during a future Pre-Purchase Completed Residential Building Inspection.

1 to 2 hours on-site investigation and consultation with written report.

Property Condition and Defect Inspection

Inspection of a specific item or problem that needs to be assessed for rectification.

1 to 1.5 hours on-site.  Written report provided for rectification process.


On-site Building Advice, Problem Solving and Hourly Rate Labour

Any questions or technical advice needed on a particular building problem or task for home owners or renovators.


Technical Support

Building help, advice or support for the home handyman / owner builders on general or specific tasks, products, suppliers and trades / subcontractors.

This service would be provided by email or phone.


Supervising Trades or Project Management

If you don’t have time or need technical assistance for dealing with other trades, products or materials, we can help.


Asbestos Advice

Licensed to remove non-friable asbestos in accordance with the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 with long term experience in removal.  We can identify problem products and arrange for testing.

Energy Efficiencies / Solar Energy Options

Attendance at your home to look at existing lighting, power, heating and advise on the best ways to minimise power consumption or to advise on solar power systems and installation.